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Explore some of the publications, videos and interviews SAWPA members are featured in.

Waste Picker's Guide to Organising

This booklet is a guide that is aimed at all waste pickers who face challenges where they work, focusing particularly on those working on landfill sites, although street pickers are mentioned briefly throughout.

Making Waste Work

As a result of this critical work on the ground, waste pickers started to organize towards creating waste recycling cooperatives at their dumps and on the streets in different towns. These cooperatives are at different stages.

Strengthening Waste Picker Organising in Africa

Waste pickers from South Africa, Ghana, Tanzania, Kenya, Morocco and Zambia have demonstrated the common need for official recognition from national and municipal governments, better working conditions, PPE, improved payment for their recovered materials and collection and processing service, and an end to social stigmatisation.

Benefits of Waste Picker Organising Video Series

This four-part video series focuses on the benefits of waste pickers organising themselves into associations, and features Musa Chamane and Asiphile Khanyile of groundWork, Magdalena Donoso of GAIA Latin America and the Caribbean, Simon Mbata and Madi Koena of the South African Waste Pickers Association, Sonia Dias of WIEGO, Satyarupa Shekhar of Break Free From Plastic, Veronica Hollela of Nipe Fagio and Desmond Alugnoa of GAIA Africa.